Ludlow Food Festival

Marches Food Matters

Ludlow Food Festival is a “not for profit” company, with local people as its members and a Board of volunteers drawn from the membership. When the Food Festival has made an excess income we have supported local good causes related to food. In the four years 2012 to 2016 for instance we donated over £35,000 with additional “in kind” support as well.

In 2017 we established Marches Food Matters (MFM) - a charity at arms length from the Festival; to make independent decisions about which organisations will benefit in the future. MFM can support individuals seeking practical help entering the industry, fund education initiatives around food issues and work with those helping to alleviate food poverty in Ludlow and the Marches.

As well as donating money, the Festival makes opportunities available to MFM to raise money for its work.

For more information about MFM please contact:

Peter Hadley, Chair, Marches Food Matters -

MFM welcomes other subscribers which share the Festival’s commitment to sharing the bounty and benefit of Marches Food to as many as possible.

Marches Food Matters Reg. charity no. 1173981