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Foodie Heaven at Dinham Weir House

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Dinham Weir House

There is a famous scene in Ludlow, one of many I guess in this most beautiful of towns, but this view is a firm favourite of visitors and residents. The view is of Ludlow Castle rising above the River Teme, and nestled below, looking out over the weir is a beautiful house. The house isn’t dwarfed by the castle, but instead belongs there by the river, having carved out its own place in this town. That stunning property is Dinham Weir House, lovingly restored by owners, Jude and Rupert Hunt and business partner, Ed Godrich. Jude and Rupert also own and run Redford Farm Barns, and you can read more about this here.

Jude and Rupert have been huge supporters of Ludlow Food Festival over the years, hosting chefs, providing the perfect location for pop-up restaurants, and sharing their love for local food and drink. If you are fortunate to stay in this luxury self-catering accommodation, then you can even hire a private chef to cook in the kitchen of this former Michelin Star restaurant, whilst you sit and absorb the nature that surrounds in the garden overlooking the river.

For Ed, Rupert, and Jude there was no question that they had to secure this unique house on the river in Ludlow once it was vacated by Mr Underhill’s restaurant.  Ed grew up in Ludlow and Rupert and Jude have lived here for over 10 years.  To them, this special house had to be shared to continue to fulfil its potential. It was critical to them that Dinham Weir House remained somewhere many people could have the opportunity to enjoy together and create special memories.

We’re excited to announce Stuart Collins of Docket No.33 is joining forces with the stunning Dinham Weir House, in conjunction with us here at Ludlow Food Festival, to bring Docket No.33 to Ludlow for an exclusive dining experienceBook your tickets now for 9th or 10th September from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

The evening is designed for those people who love to eat. A multi course tasting menu showcasing an array of Shropshire ingredients and influenced by Great British Menu regional winner, Stuart and his wife Frances' travels around the globe.

As long-term supporters, of the food festival, Jude and Rupert have a vast network of food and drink producers, so we asked them who they are most looking forward to seeing at this year’s festival - in addition to Stuart and Frances of course!

 “Ah well – always top of my list are Sytch Farm and their gorgeous pottery (desired by many professional chefs and stylists). On this plate I’d put Shropshire Salumi and Appleby cheese with some What a Pickle relish. I’d cut these delights with a knife by Joel Black and wash it down with a delicious glass of Paso Primero wine. If I was eating delicious meat from Strawberry Fields Farm or Tudges I’d cook this on a Netherton Foundry pan over a Kadai Fire Bowl. Oh and not forgetting if I needed to look fabulous– I’d be dressed in Field and Found but catch the spills in my Risdon and Risdon apron. I could go on….”

 You can discover more about Dinham Weir House on their website, and make sure you follow them on Facebook and Instagram.






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