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Talking Property Trends, Tips and Tipples with Balfours

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Talking Property Trends, Tips and Tipples with Balfours


 Ahead of this year’s Ludlow Spring Festival we caught up with Balfours LLP, who are kindly supporting the event. Their Ludlow office is going from strength to strength and the firm’s experience and depth of knowledge of the market has really put them at the forefront of property services in Shropshire, Herefordshire, Staffordshire and the Welsh border counties.


Balfours have had a base in Ludlow for some time now, what do you think makes it a place where people want to put down roots?

You are quite right we, at Balfours, will enter our fifth summer with a Ludlow base; Why do people want to put down roots? Well, having personally worked globally – and chosen to come back to my roots, it’s simple – Ludlow has culture, true cuisine and is surrounded by beautiful countryside, combined they offer a superlative and healthy lifestyle. Away from the crowds, but convenient and central to destinations throughout the UK


What property trends have you noticed over the last 12 months? 

Probably the most significant trend has been the speed of the market. Buyers realise if they want a property, they need to be pro-active. Work lifestyle choices have also strengthened, triggered by the pandemic and more flexible working. That means homes with flexible accommodation, including more bedrooms and or outdoor working space firmly on buyer wish lists.


What are your top tips for buyers in the Shropshire area?

Talk to us and I suppose other estate agents. Today, scrolling the internet alone just isn’t enough, we frequently have properties which have buyers queuing to view the moment they are released.


Where is your favourite place to eat out or buy food in Ludlow?

Look there are so many great places, it depends whether I want to cook at home, a full course pairing menu, or delicatessen treats for a picnic. I have a preference for local which means less food miles, sustainably produced and healthy.


What would be your drink of choice to enjoy at the Ludlow Spring Festival.

Hmm, how long have you got? While not wishing to overindulge and depending on the weather there are some fabulous local brews, not forgetting the cider and we have excellent wines, produced within a fifty-mile radius.


Find out more about Balfours wide range of property services on their website. Don’t forget to connect with them on Facebook and Instagram (@balfours_propertyprofessionals) for the latest news. Visit their Ludlow office on 67 Broad Street, Ludlow SY8 1NH (Tel: 01584 707100/Email

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