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Spotlight: Chef James Sherwin

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Chef James Sherwin is passionate about food, Shropshire and foraging. All of them are lovingly and skilfully brought together in his Wild Shrophshire Pop Up Restuarants around the county. We are thrilled to be hosting James' Wild Shropshire during the Ludlow Food Festival this year. We interviewed him to find out more about it. 

James in a Space


James Sherwin



James Sherwin

In three words describe your Pop Up Restaurants: 

Modern, traditional, natural 

Tell us what readers can expect when they come to your Pop Up Restaurant at the Ludlow Food Festival? 

The people that come to the pop up can expect the flavours of our countryside presented in a multi course tasting menu, focussing on what is perfect in that moment.

Where did the idea of Wild Shropshire Pop Ups start?

I've always been interested in foraging and "local" food, so when I moved out into a more rural location it made complete sense to focus on what is available around us. It will be a year-long project looking at a very small area over the course of the seasons.

Wild Shropshire

Who have your influences been in creating and building James in a Space?

I think there are some obvious influences from the chef world in terms of the Ethos of "Wild Shropshire" Magnus Nilson (faviken) Simon Rogan (L'enclume) James in a Space as a brand is ultimately influenced by those around me that inspire me to try and do something different.

Tell us about your collaboration with Paso Primero and how you will be working with them at the Food Festival?

I've been very lucky to use Paos Primero's since the first of the pop ups, I wanted the drinks provided to be Shropshire based as well, I'd tried a few local wines and they weren't right but then met Tom and was immediately wowed!! Listening to the way he spoke about his wine and how he felt about it was amazing, the way he wanted his wine to taste was how I want my food to taste, subtle but complex with layers of flavours. Tom was one of those guys you could listen to talk for hours because there was so much knowledge and passion behind it. 

I'll be designing two courses to match and hopefully compliment his wines, they will then be served with a sample of the wine.

With all that has been achieved in your career so far, what are you most proud of?

I'm most proud of the fact that I've reached a point where I'm happy to do whatever I want with the food, some people will see it as bravery and others as stupidity but there are no boundaries with what I do other than those set by the seasons.

What are you looking forward to most about the Ludlow Food Festival?

I’m most looking forward to cooking and serving some great food and showing people that aren't necessarily from Shropshire, what we can do. Other than that, I'd definitely say sampling all the alcohol at the festival.

Don't miss your opportunity to experience James Sherwin's Wild Shropshire Pop UP Restaurant on Saturday 10th September at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE: 


 Wild Shropshire at the Ludlow Food Festival



Interview by Louise Welsby | Buy-From Shropshire 



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