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Sytch Farm Studios, nestled in the beautiful Shropshire countryside is the home and creative work space of potter, Gill, and wood carver, Jon. Together they make absolutely beautiful pieces for the kitchen and home dining. Celebrated by chefs throughout the country and with a worldwide following, Sytch Farm Studios are incredibly popular on the Festival circuit and we are thrilled to welcome them back to Ludlow again this year. 

Gill and Jon Sytch Farm Studios




Name: Jon & Gill Thompson


Occupation:  Carpenter & Potter


In three words describe SYTCH FARM STUDIOS: A nice place!


Tell us what readers can expect when they find you at the Ludlow Food & Spring Festival? 

Hand crafted products suitable for food & drink with unique one off pieces made especially for our favourite show.

Sytch Farm Studios



By accident, a hobby became a passion which became our income.

What is special about SYTCH FARM STUDIOS?

Everything we sell is made by us, we’re talented buggers ( Jon said that ) honest hand crafted traditional products that have been given a contemporary feel.

Sytch Farm Studios


What is our best-selling product? Why do you think this is?

Impossible to say - produce such a varied range, customers tend to buy to suit their needs and style.

 Sytch Farm Studios

With all that has been achieved in your business so far, what are you most proud of?

 The recognition we have received for our products from some of the top restaurants and chefs in the country - we always aimed to produce products that enhanced the dining/eating experience and to be told regularly that this is what we have done does give us a buzz.

Tom Kerridge & Gill


What are you looking forward to most about the Ludlow Food & Spring Festival?

We love meeting the serious food people who come to this show, not to get free samples but to talk to the producers and engage with us, it feels like our journey is continuing as we talk to customers old and new. 

Quick Fire Get To Know You Questions:

Favourite Colour? french navy for Gill - blue for Jon

Favourite Food? scallops for Gill - Jon, a good steak

Favourite tipple? Wine, red 

Favourite Restaurant? Difficult to have a favourite as we often meet chefs ‘at work’ so have tried lots of different ones, locally though, CSONS Shrewsbury, menu, food, service always fab.

Favourite place to visit the Marches? Kerry Ridgeway - good walking

 Sytch Farm Studios 

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