Ludlow Food Festival

Five Minutes with Lee Westcott

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Ludlow Food Festival – 5 Minutes With… Lee Westcott

Lee Westcott

  • Tell us about your earliest food memory?

It was actually when I was about 5 years old and at a friend’s Birthday party, I had eaten a peanut butter sandwich and then had to be rushed to hospital as they discovered I had a severe nut allergy - a dramatic start to my love of food!

  • What’s your ultimate meal and who would prepare it?

It’s got to be my Mum’s Sunday Roast.

  • Your three favourite ingredients are?

Salt, vinegar and marmite – flavour and seasoning are so important.

  • When and where did you have your best food experience?

Hands down it was last year’s Seafood Season at Noma.

  • What are you most looking forward to at Ludlow Food Festival?

To be in the thick of it celebrating the great local food and drink culture along with our fellow foodies, also meeting our Pensons customers and suppliers.

  • Tell us one thing you love about Ludlow (it doesn’t need to be festival related)

The mix of history and character you see as you walk around, it’s a vibrant hub with a great buzz about it, it’s always an inspiring destination.

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