Coffee Masterclasses

Friday From 10:30:00 Until 16:30:00

Castle Inner Bailey

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Spilling the beans in our Coffee Masterclasses

Great coffee is available throughout Shropshire – and we’ll be showcasing the very best throughout our festival weekend. We’ve teamed up with Aroma Coffee Merchants, which is based in Shrewsbury, to create a series of coffee masterclasses. These will give you a chance to get involved and hands on and we thought it was high time Ludlow got a taste of the finest blends. Andrew Turner, from Aroma, is a renowned expert, well-known throughout coffee circles across the UK.

Andrew said: “We’re going to give the public a masterclass, which costs £5. We’ll show people how to roast, grind, make and drink a cup of exceptional coffee. Their £5 fee will include a 100g bag of the coffee that they’ve just tasted.”

Mr Turner added that he would also educate people about the way in which experts taste coffee. He said: “We often take three cups: two that are identical and one that is slightly different. Then we have to identify the odd one out. We start by identifying coffee from a single continent, then we go to a single country in a continent, then we go right down to a single origin coffee from a specific estate. It’s our job to be able to taste the difference. I’ll be more than happy to talk to people about the process and explain how we do it.” He added: “There’s no doubt that coffee has become increasingly popular in recent years. People have also become increasingly aware of the difference between different beans and different blends. Good coffee is like good wine, good chocolate or good olive oil. You can taste the difference, depending on where it is grown and how it is processed. We’re falling in love with coffee as we become more European. We have a shop in Shrewsbury and a factory on the Battlefield Estate where we roast and grind. The big difference in recent years has been that people are drinking higher and higher quality coffee.” Space as ever in all masterclasses is limited and we do recommend that you book in advance at

There will also be a wealth of other coffee information available so if you enjoy an aromatic after dinner or a wakeup coffee then ensure you pop into the Inner Bailey to have a word with Andy and the team.

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